Let’s Talk About Solar

Honestly, the solar industry is a bit of a mess. Solar is often represented in ways that are confusing, misleading, and even downright predatory.  A lot of specialized knowledge is needed both technically and financially to understand a bid, and far too often the people who possess this knowledge wield it at the expense (literally!) of others.  It can be a challenge to weed out the dishonest elements and identify the straight shooters.

Kinship sees the current state of affairs as an invitation for good actors to step in and do things right.  So, we’re here to challenge the industry to do better!

If you’ve been looking into solar, then you probably already know why it’s a good idea to steer clear of large corporate brands. Going local and avoiding the big guys means your solar project represents a sizeable percentage of your installer’s work for the year, and accordingly, you are given more personal time and attention. Working with reputable, experienced contractors from your community ensures your installation isn’t just a hasty, copy-paste job, reduced to a line entry in a stranger’s monthly quota. Important details don’t get lost in the shuffle as easily when your installer lives and dies by their (often very public) reputation!  On top of that, you can take pride in reinvesting in your local economy.

Now that the stage is set, here’s how Kinship Solar fits in.